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Welcome to my life...
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2002-03-20 06:56:37 (UTC)

........ I'm not good at this diary thing huh?

I just started this thing not to long ago and I'm already
lagging in it.. lol.

Life is life.. and that's it. I don't have much of one at
the moment, maybe that is why I don't write more entries in
this thing.

Money is still a problem. We are covered for rent this
month.. next month I don't know.

Mom got the clearence to go back to work, which will help.
The thing is the medicine the doc gave her for the pain
doesn't work at all. Not cool. So I don't know what's
going to happen.. she can barely walk let alone be on her
feet for 8 hours.

*sighs* Stress.

Take care out there.