Life Sux Then You Die
2001-05-15 19:29:09 (UTC)

Day: 2

Today was fun! Yesterday...did I tell you...We disected an
eyeball...that was gross...I touched the lense of the
sheeps eye with my bare hands. I washed it off and then I
bounced it on the table. My Geometry teacher is KRAYZ! The
Trailer stinks everytime we get in there! She must fart
after 1 block! We have a thing called block schedule. Its
where we have 4 classes each semester. We have 2 semesters.
2 academics and 2 electives each semester. So we fit a
years worth of classes in 1 semester. We have 1:30 classes.
Anyway...In LA I have to do a stupid comic book. Even
though I draw well...I don't want to do it. My friend is
trying out for a part in Anne of Green Gables. He sings
well. He is cool...I am seriously bored. I play violin. We
have a concert tonight. I will write tomorrow...My writings
may seem boring but oh well...AIM me at Noliegeorge6!

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