lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-20 06:11:05 (UTC)

hard times

actually i'm just looking @ a stack of books right now, and
that one caught my eye.

no one leaves me messages. no one emails me. i know you
people read this but you either know me well enough or
really wouldn't care that i had lemon yogurt for lunch
today. haha i'm tired & i know i haven't written anything
juicy for a while, but not much juicy is happening. except
i think luisa has a bet going about me cuz i told her
something tonight & she acted suspicious about it...and,
well, i have this ginormous conspiracy theory i'm working
on right now.

actually no. i just have very little john paul
stories...haha sorry. man i can't mention a single guy w/o
people making assumptions...and you know what happens when
you assume. whatever. so, considering that, i will
mention a guy now. haha...justin. my old crush from 2
years ago...what are the odds, ehh? well we are like good
buds now & i saw him friday while i was driving, and he saw
me saturday while he was driving. haha we try to tell
better driving stories...but we both stink.

on the bright side, maybe when jon a. comes into town this
weekend, we'll have good times to spread around. ahh let's
hope so. goodnight kids. i love you all dearly.