Sporty Tomboy

2002-03-20 03:51:11 (UTC)

My very own soap opera :)

Chiquita4011CR: STOP BITCHING!
Chiquita4011CR: the sex is great, and you have to put up
with my bitching to have the sex
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: libby, shut up!
Chiquita4011CR: no you shut up
Chiquita4011CR: dont fuckin tell me what to do!
Chiquita4011CR: this is why i cant be in a relationship
with you
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: oh is that all i am to you?! A FUCK BUDDY?!
Chiquita4011CR: yes, actually.
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: HEY! just because im a cheerleader doesnt
mean you have to take advantage of my vulnerablity and
Chiquita4011CR: hey, im a girl wanting sex what am i
supposed to do
Chiquita4011CR: and your always inside of my anyways and
what am i gunna do? give up a chance like that?
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: YOU SHOULD TELL ME THE TRUTH. i have always
wanted to be in a honest relationship, will i ever get that
from you?
Chiquita4011CR: not from ME.
Chiquita4011CR: i love the sex we share together, but your
bitching needs to stop
Chiquita4011CR: FINE!
Chiquita4011CR: no sex for you!
Chiquita4011CR: until you apologize
Chiquita4011CR: i didnt do anything libby!
Chiquita4011CR: yes you did libby you are being a big fat
meanie head to me
Chiquita4011CR: what am i doing?!
Chiquita4011CR: wanting to be pleasured with your amazing
sexual ability is not a crime
Chiquita4011CR: its what everybody wants
Chiquita4011CR: excuse me! i am not a slut :-(
Chiquita4011CR: yes you are, admit it. lets not go through
the whole denial thing again
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: alright libby i am a slut, a big one. but
that doesnt mean you have to rub it in my face!
Chiquita4011CR: well its not like we have anything to share
except cum
Jami: jerry jerry jerry!
Chiquita4011CR: libby!!!! i am pregnant with your BABY!
Chiquita4011CR: stay tuned next time.... for A Day With
Libby. *DUN DUN DUN!*
Chiquita4011CR: lol, its my very own soap opera!