pink's palace
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2001-05-15 16:00:23 (UTC)

a day in the city with the hood down

i woke up today at 5 in the a.m. to go to moore to see
about a job. unfortunately i did not get it, i have to come
back in 30 days. i need to find my friend travis so i can
see about AOL.
Bobby keeps harrassing me about quitting mc donalds without
finding another job first, i would gotten fired anyways so
i just didn't go in. he's thinking about seeing one of his
ex-girlfriends, which is a very bad idea. he has a bad love
life, he just screws up alot, but he's my best friend so
it's my job to bitch him out about stupid things he does,
lord knows he does it to me every damn day.
we rode with the hood down today, im just glad no bugs flew
in my face. we found dennis by loves and picked him up to
go and try to find AOL, no luck. it's only 11:00, im
usually waking up in an hour from now. i'll be back shortly
to write about my wonderfully long day of searching for a

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