Sporty Tomboy

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2002-03-20 03:30:53 (UTC)

skitzos are very interesting

Chiquita4011CR: hello? am i talking to myself here
Chiquita4011CR: oh great, hi libby
Chiquita4011CR: how are you ybbil?
Chiquita4011CR: are we the only ones in here?
Jami: umm
Chiquita4011CR: i am quite dandy, thanx.
Chiquita4011CR: yes i do believe so
Jami: besides jeff
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: oh! look libby, theres another person
talking to us!
Chiquita4011CR: hi person!
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: thats no person, libby, thats jami!
Chiquita4011CR: whos jami?
Jami: sowwy
Chiquita4011CR: bitch, that is my sister!
Chiquita4011CR: ohhh so that means she is my sister too?
Jami: mt computer decided to slow down
Chiquita4011CR: YES! duh, you are such a cheerleader
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: oh, yes, i know. i AM a cheerleader in your
crazy mind.
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: no, your just a cheerleader.
Chiquita4011CR: LIBBY! dont be so mean to me! ill tell
mommy :'(
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: were the same person, i wont let you tell
Chiquita4011CR: :'( but but i will tell!
Chiquita4011CR: i can break through your dominating powers
and TELL!
Chiquita4011CR: no you cant
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: your so stupid sometimes libby
Chiquita4011CR: duh, im the cheerleader here
Chiquita4011CR: yes i already know that
Chiquita4011CR: look, libby... there are people here
reading this.
Chiquita4011CR: you must calm yourself.
Chiquita4011CR: awwwww, are you telling me to go back and
hide in your mind :-(
Chiquita4011CR: yes, GO!
Chiquita4011CR: *runs away and hides* okay libby, your my
god, i must obey you
Chiquita4011CR: there we go
Jami: lol
Jami: *sits down and eats popcorn*
Chiquita4011CR: hey, libby, come back... were entertaining
this girl! look shes eating popcorn!
Chiquita4011CR: oh really, like were movie stars?
Jami: lol
Jami: i lithis show
Jami: like*
Jami: no re-runs

Chiquita4011CR: *HUGS and GRINS the cheerleader grin!*
Chiquita4011CR: libby, STOP ACTING SO STUPID!
Chiquita4011CR: you stop being so SERIOUS would ya im just being
cute :-)
Chiquita4011CR: haha
Chiquita4011CR: yes you are very cute
Chiquita4011CR: i just want to fuck you over and over
Chiquita4011CR: libby! thats icky!
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: well, you asked for it
Chiquita4011CR: i didnt want to have sex with you!
Chiquita4011CR: hey... your already inside me so theres no work
really involved
Jami: lol
Chiquita4011CR: thats true
Chiquita4011CR: hey libby, fuck me hard!
Chiquita4011CR: okay
Chiquita4011CR: *fucks you hard*
Jami: umm
Chiquita4011CR: oh, that was erotic.