Life as I know it.
2001-05-15 15:56:19 (UTC)

The City Sun Sets Over Me

I'm unemployed again thanks to my temp agency who does
nothing to really help me get a job anymore, they used to
be like daily calling me, now im lucky if i can get a job
in four or five days after telling them I have a job. This
sucks, I need to find another job.

Last night I went over my boyfriend's house again, SO I
come over and he is lying on the couch watching hockey
barely saying "Hi" to me when I come in. SO I sit there,
does not even say a word to me, SO I went to bed, but then
my friend called me, so I took my cell phone outside so I
can get better reception and then he comes out, asks me
twenty questions about who I was talking with. It was my
friend JOhn, I was asking John if he thought that my
boyfriend could be cheating on me, he says all signs are
pointing to yes (John has nothing to gain he is gay and
prefers men to well, me). SO I fall asleep and he comes in
whenever and hogs the blankets, no kiss,no hug, no
nothing. Then this morning he is just standing there and
im like "okay I guess I'm going" and I just turn to walk
away, and he is like "fine dont kiss me" SO i leaned over
gave him a peck on the lips and walked away...he said he'd
call me when he gets home from work, yeah we will see. Im
starting to think that he really is cheating on me, the
last week and a half have been different, very different.
And not in a good way. I know I have other options, and I
might have to use them.

Other than that nothing has been going on, its just plain
ugly outside, looks miserable and is even a little chilly,
I think today is a day to sit around and be a bum in front
of the TV with some Doritos.