Oh,The Insanity
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2002-03-20 03:24:37 (UTC)

Soul mates and other fun hippie-crap

Spending time with that crazy old man from Peter, Paul and
Mary has gone to my head. I'm now in touch with my inner
hippie-ness...crackish, huh? I have this irresistable urge
to hug a tree (adam, that was for you) or talk to Will and
apologize again for calling his gf a slut. Hmm...ah, what
the hell? What would it fix? absolutly nothing, that's what
because ever since we fought in 8th grade(yes, 4 years ago)
we've never gotten along for more than a month. What kind
of friendship is that? Oh god, Ihope that doesn't happen
with Adam and I; that would be absolutly unbearable.

On the topic of Adam, he's decided he wants to be friends.
I don't know if that means "friends" or just friends. I'd
rather be his GIRLfriend, but he feels our problems are not
fixable -which I think is bullshit, but that's just my
opinion, and that doesn't matter - and he seemed quite hell-
bent on leaving it at just friends. He still likes Corinne
and Jen, but he's denying both because he asked them both
out and they said no. I remember a passage in our note
book about what he'd do if I ever broke up with him, he
said he'd ask out Corinne and when she said no, he'd crawl
back to me "like a puppy with its tail between its legs..."
So, when's he coming back? My guess is never because I
screwed up and he still thinks it's his fault. This is the
longest entry I've written so far, but that's only because
talking to my cat lacks purpose. Ah, my life sux.

Adam, if you're reading this, I know what you;re
thinking...and yes, it is my fault. I had something really
good and I screwed up. Yes, you did have something to do
with that, but I didn't think it through, I didn't talk to
you about it, I talked to my "friends" and they told me
it'd be less painful if we broke up. Quel Suprise...they
were wrong. So, you were right about all of my "friends"
I'm sorry I'm just like everyone else

Ta for now
Peace, Love and Bullet-Proof Marshmellows