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2002-03-20 03:03:11 (UTC)

In love

Ash, I knew for some reason I would never make it to my
trip to tell you. It was just something like that I could
not keep inside any longer. It didnt go the way I planed, I
never got to tell you those million and one reasons why I
hold you so deep in my heart, but I promise someday I will.
Ive got so many emotions going on right now I do not know
which to write about. Im nervous but I was worse last
night, could you tell? I realy want this to work out, but
you know that nothing could ever make me stop being friends
with you. Your wows were just one more thing that just made
you, you. I knew that this would be a huge thing to unload
on you, but I didnt know anyother way, I had to tell you
and im glad I did. Ive wanted to tell you for so long, but
I was so scared of what you would think, what would happen,
but then after a while I realized that this is Ashley, she
is like my best friend, what do I have to worry about. I
know that this was so big, and I knew that you would need
time so that is what you have, just let me know when you
know. I know last night is one im not going to forget, and
I just wanted it to be special for you, and I hope it was

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