This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-03-20 02:34:32 (UTC)

True love


Have you ever thought about the term “True Love Waits?”.
That is the slogan of a campaign that has been around for
quite some time trying to promote abstinence umong
Christian youth.
I have grown up hearing the words “true love watis” and I
think that in my life, I always thought that it applied
exclusively to sex.
Over the course of my time, and as I have been growing to
discover what love is, and as God has been teaching me
about himself, I realize that love…..TRUE love waits for
so much more than sex.
In that ever so famous verse in I corinthions “Love is
patient, love is kind, it does not envy……” the first is
patience. Why? Why is patience first on the list? Is it
a conincidence?
What would happen if everything was rushed? This is what
I have been talking about the whole time. I have been
waiting for God’s perfect timing, allowing it all to
happen, and as it happens, I have been treasuring every
second. If I rush things, the beauty of the process will
never happen.
I love this kid so much! I spend last night with him (we
had a birthday party for him, and the whole group was
there) and every situation that I see him in, the more and
more I realize that I truly love him. I came back last
night and I was struggling so much with this waiting
thing. I was crying out before God….I hugged him at the
end of the evening wishing him a happy birthday, and I
have to tell you that it was the best hug that I have ever
had. The feeling of his hand on my waist lingered for
hours. I can only imagine how silly that sounds. But
think….we have not rushed anything and see how precious
one single hug was? I cherish that hug! Just think how
much more precious everything else will be when we wait
for the perfect timing of it all.
As I was so frustrated with waiting….When I see him in
group situations, I want to just sit down next to him and
put my hand on his leg, or put my arm around him, but I
choose to allow God’s timing to guide my actions. As much
as I want this to happen now, I am so busy taking every
exciting thing now, that I don’t have time to be
unpatient. I think I have made a decision as well. I
think I have decided that even though I desire something
now, I will not engage in a formal relationship until
after this summer, if I am to go away to California. I do
not know if I am going, or not, but if I am, it is to be
the culmination of a year’s theme in my life, and I know
that I will be changed. I need to go with my heart
completely God’s. This does not mean that “he” and I can
not continue to grow in our friendship and love for one
another. I mean, what is it that is so different about
being “officially established” anyways? There is nothing
that can not be done now, that could be done in a
friendship with one another. I think I understand that is
the timing that God has. If other things happen to fall
into place, I will not reject them, but I am in no rush.
Please don’t get me wrong, I would love something now, but
my daddy always taught me delayed gratification and I am
willing to wait for the perfect time so that things will
be just the way they were supposed to be in the end.
so, that is the true love willingness to wait.
Imagine now, how precious it will be the first time he
holds my hand, or how precious it will feel to be held in
his arms. Little things that people take so for granted,
I will cherish. It will gradually graduate to other
things, but slowly. I think that Our first kiss will take
place long after we are ofically mom's first
kiss was when daddy asked her to marry him. That is
awesome, and it shows such a commitment to purity.