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2002-03-20 02:23:47 (UTC)

Create an enviornment. Be brave. Take a step. Breathe.

Art. Art is about the conveying of one's ideas, trying to
create them in as pure a form as they can be conveyed,
through whatever medium and media is most useful. Though
one may say that this has been done in the visual arts I
would be forced to disagree, at least with an idea that it
has been dont often or more than a very few times or by a
very few people. I do not think that people that paint what
they see through their eyes are artists, nor do they
produce art. Nor do I think that people who draw things
like Normal Rockwell, are true artists. I know people would
love to protest that, but there is just something about it
that I find non-artistic. Picasso, Dali, Monet, and I am
sure there are others, that I find to be real artists. I
know some might argue that I cannot consider Rockwell an
artist but still consider Monet one, but Monet had a
quality in his work that showed the reality he was trying
to portray was not what ours was, though I havent seen all
his works I have seen quite a few, but I do not remember
seeing a painting of a human, correct me if I am wrong. I
cannot fully explain my ideas on this obviously, it would
work much better in a forum type situation. I do not
consider drama an art. Straight up no exceptions. I'm
talking about acting. Directing and writing are completely
different from acting, and I do consider them arts.
Directing is the enacting of plays that are written, and I
think it should be left to the authors. I do not feel like
thinking much about writing, I may later, so, I will just
say that it is a very good medium for conveying ideas.
Music is a very underrated medium and not used fully to the
extent that it should be by the general populous for
conveying ideas. I think it can convey things more
completely than writing can. Experiment with music and do
not think inside the box. By the way, I do not think that
preforming music is an art. Performing one's own music is a
necessity though, asuming it is so.

Don't only make the blueprints, make them fit the land, not
the land fit the blueprints(don't take people into
account). Don't only build the building, build it exactly
as planned. The idea is to be pure. Purity is something
that is severely missing.

Singular, now.

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