.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-03-20 02:19:43 (UTC)

survery it up?....

i guess i never really filled out one of these, so i am. i
feel like a dork, (borrowed from leslie).

-name: sarah
-age: (?)

- hair: brown, but looks black
- eyes: brown
- height: 5 foot 6

- clothing: winter-fall-spring... sweaters, cuffs,
oxfords, sweatshirts. summer...tees and flood pants
- music: emo, pop punk, acoustic, hardcore, screamo.

- wearing: cuffed dark jeans, light blue oxford, dark blue
button up sweater.
- music: rainer maria
- thinking of: zine, bryse, tv, boys, you.
- feeling: calm, relaxed, excited for tommrow, though
frustrated with friends.

- bought: after school snack with bryse.
- did: made dinner
- read: 9 stories
- watched on tv: simpsons

- club or house party: house party with awesome friends
- tea or coffee: tea
- a little to easy going: try to stay easy, but get
stressed a lot
- cats or dogs: animals YUCK!
- single or taken: single
- pen or pencil: typewriter
- gloves or mittens: mittens
- food or candy: good food
- cassette or cd: all music form
- snuff or cigarettes: yuck, kill me now.
- coke or pepsi: coke!
- matches or a lighter: matches

- kill: hmm, i rather not say.
- hear from: you
- look like: no one in particular
- be like: i like how i act

- food: sandwhiches
- drink: hmm, i dont know, tea.
- color: dark green (?)
- shoes: soo many, red bowling, lt blue reeboks, converse
- site: www.starlettaproductions.com
- song: who knows, tons.
- vegetable : they are ok
- fruit: tasty - strawberries?
- last movie you saw: hmm, pulp fiction?
- last movie you saw on the big screen: black hawk down
- last phone number you called: my moms cell, maybe.
- last show you watched on TV: simpsons
- last song you heard: saves teh day - through being cool
- last thing you had to drink: juice
- last thing you ate: nachos
- last time you showered: yesterday morning. (yuck!)
- last time you cried: i dont know, a while ago.
- last time you smiled: tonight with brysey
- last time you laughed: watchign seinfeld
- last person you hugged: a bunch of people at this show on
- last person you kissed: i dont know.
- last thing you said: i hate you
- last person you talked to online: leslie, bryse, shannon
- last person you talked to on the phone: mom
- last thing you smelled: dinner

- smoke: not really
- do drugs: sometimes
- drink: yes.
- sleep with stuffed animals: no, i dont like animals
- have a crush: i guess you could call it that
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
- have a dream that keeps coming back: yes
- play an instrument: i play my stereo
- believe there is life on other planets: i guess
- read the newspaper: sometimes.
- have any gay or lesbian friends: a few
- believe in miracles: not really
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: i dont
know, i guess.
- consider yourself tolerant of others: yes, if they dont
drive me crazy.
- consider police a friend or foe: haha next
- like the taste of alcohol: if it is flavored
- have a favorite Stooge: no.
- believe in astrology: no
- believe in magic: no
- pray: no
- go to church: no
- have any secrets: i cant keep secrets well at all.
- have any pets: no way!
- go to or plan to go to college: yes
- have a degree: no
- wear hats: no, it looks like i have no hair when i do
- have any piercings: none!
- have any tattoos: no, plans for a tasteful star on ankle
- hate yourself: no.
- have a "hot spot": i'd say so.
- wish on stars: no
- like your handwriting: yes
- believe in witches: no
- believe in Satan: no
- believe in ghosts: no... boo!
- trust others easily: probably too easily
- like sarcasm: yes. very sarcastic.
- take walks in the rain: if it cools me off.
- kiss with your eyes closed: yes.
- sing in the shower: doesnt everyone!

that was a fun tangent survery, maybe i will do a real
entry too, i have lots to say. lots has happened.