AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-03-20 01:58:37 (UTC)

. . . and the tunnel blackens . . .

ok, very bad day, just b/c of recent events. we had a half
day blah blah blah and all that other shyt.

ok ricky called me....with bad news. i know he doesnt get
along w/ his parents too well, rich fontaine...hes a nice
kid though, although i can see him not getting along with
certain people. he is rich, lives in a biggggg ass house,
in a real nice neighborhood. he can build computers and
robots and stuff, cuz he is like a genius, but doesnt apply
himself in he fails some things. he's not a
homework do-er. he is in joe mauer's band, he is the
guitarist and he's real good. anyways, he is my ex bf and i
at times consider going back out with him, b/c he loves
me....but i dunno.

anyways, he tells me he got into another fight w/ his
parents and they are sending him to reform school far away,
as soon as possible for 3 years. i dunno why, but it struck
me hard and i almost hysterically started crying on the
phone, and it hurts so bad and he was trying to not let his
voice crack, and he must be so scared. but it's like.....i
dont know what to think. i hate his mother i hate her i
hate her i hate her. they treat him like crap.

but....i dunno i do not want him to go, but then wen i
think about him not going...i dont know if i'd go back out
w/ him. omg i need some help.

joe probably wont even care that ricky is leaving, and
either will andrew j., and he thinks they will and he's all
scared to tell them and i hate the fact that they talk so
badly about him. i wish i could tell him i'll run away w/
him, and we can get away from the hellhole of his life and
start a new life somewhere.....but sadly enuff i can't, b/c
my life is just beginning.....and i honestly do not know if
i could drop it all....for him, as much as i wish i could
say i could.