ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-20 01:54:30 (UTC)

FreAkY PeoPLes

Im soo happy becuz in 3 more days we get out of school
for Spring Break! and in 2 more dayz im goin to see
Flogging Molly! whoo, gonna be cool. Well, me and
Paulina arent really pissed at eachohther anymore. On
Sunday, she got her car, so me, her, and Stix all went out
and stuff. We went to STix's old ghetto neighborhood
and ate at her ghetto Jack in the BOx. then as we were
headen back to Metro to go see Queen of the Damned (seen it
twice now!) she had to go pick up her sister and mom and
stuff, so she couldnt go with us. so me and Stix went
and saw it and STix loved it, so it was cool. It was
funny cuz we wanted to dress all punked out and freaky that
day so while we were chillen outside, all these people were
given us weird looks. On Thursday, which is
in 2 days, we are gonna get all messed up and go to school
cuz Thursday is like 'dress like ur favorite rock person or
summthin'. ya, its gonna be fun. well shit, its
already 7:00 and i got things to do, so later!