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2002-03-20 01:48:33 (UTC)

Walk Home, child, Walk Home. (With a section on why "cursing" should be acceptable)

Walking is the key to being. That is how one can best
experience things. Going by in a car one misses so much.
Going by on a bike and any other form of transportation,
including running, one looses so much of the enviornment.
So I walked today. I walked a lot of places. A few miles,
but distance doesnt matter. I walked a lot last weekend,
actually not only did I walk a lot I traveled a lot. But
that doesnt really matter. It is the experience from the
travel. The time traveled doesnt matter, only the envoirns
of the travel, what was seen, and what was not. This is
just rambling I know. I do not have any idea that currently
warrents being written about. Previously I was thinking
about writing about the misuse of "swear" words. But I dont
feel like dedicating a whole journal to it so I will
Swear words should not be censored or recognized as
special words, they really are nothing more then normal
words. They just carry the meaning of things people do not
want to hear, so they try to censor it, thinking that with
the words not being said the people will not feel those
emotions, nor will they voice them. But these are the same
people that teach their children to say dang instead of
damn. This obviously is useless because of the fact that
the same meaning is still being conveyed. But also people
should not misuse these words, I think this problem would
fade out once people began to lose hold on the
distinguishing differences between words. So curse as much
as you want, but use it logically, don't censor yourself. A
mind is something that should not have restrictions placed
upon it.

Singular always and forever

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