Under the starless L.A. sky
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2001-05-15 14:44:59 (UTC)


Again with the mind radio on the heavy rotation of fear
with a follow up of killing and fire. Afraid of not geting
the money back that the bank fucked off. Afraid of loosing
my job, my girl, my friends. All of this is baced in pure
mental lala land. No reality. Didn't work on the carecter
defects last night, too buisy waisting my time with Ages of
Empires2. That and a quick drawing for Pollyanne (Kamppy
Kiddle). I got a Email from a old friend today, and odly enough the
horoscopes said the past would get in contact with me, to
reteach some old lessons. It's odd how the past and the
present meet right hear in me.