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2002-03-20 01:06:16 (UTC)

^^^True Love^^^

When I feel you near me
I tremble with excitement

Isn't it amazing
How you look at me
And you say nothing at all
But I can still understand
Every word being spoken through your eyes

As you brush back my hair
And you kiss my neck
I think to myself
How can I be so lucky
Lucky to have you in my life

The thoughts that run though my head
They are only of you
I don't see how it is possible
Possible for you to always be on my mind
You're always in my heart

Without a word
Without a touch
You look into my eyes
And tell me everything

When caressing my face
You kiss my lips
You speak those
So soft and sweet
I love you

I love you
Not only for what you are
But also
Also what you have made of me

I love you
Because you've made me
A strong person
You've made me happy

You have done this
With out a word
Nor a touch
You've done this
Just by being you

People say we wont last forever
I want to ignore those possibilities
And love you forever
I can't picture
Picture my life without you in it

I will always want you
I will always need you
So lets live our lives together
And forever

If this is true love
We'll make it through anything
And trust me when I say it
I know it for a fact
This is true love