changing lanes
2001-05-15 14:19:27 (UTC)

hangin on

i havent written in a while and i really should b getting
ready for work right now so i'll b brief. ayanna is
getting four teeth at the same time and shes a holy terror
to b around right now, but shes doing fine. steve got a
JOB!! (FINALLY) and i came back home. i know i know We had
a long talk and it made me realize how much i love him even
though what he did was totally unacceptable its not
something we cant overcome. it would be different if i
thought he would do it again but i feel like he was just
out of control and i think he knows that if he ever does
that again its really over. but i just want ayanna to have
both her parents. i'm probably going to b evicted and then
i have no idea what were going to do but we'll see. thanks
to everyone for your support its been really nice to get
feedback from such caring people and i'll b sure to keep
you updated on my fucked up life. peace