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2002-03-20 01:01:19 (UTC)


Love is something to share with a wonderful person.
And once it is there, you have got to make it last.
Love isn't something to be taken for granted.
It's something to be nurtured and cared for and caressed.
Love can last forever... if you want it to.
Love isn't tough and tentative.
Love is mysterious, but it asks that you keep no secrets.
Love is blind, but it asks that you see how happy it can
make you.
Love is more like a flower than a tree,
The wrong things can hurt it so easily.
But the right thing can be more,
Beautiful than anything else your life has ever known.
Love is something to be treated as the best of all
And as your own little miracle that will keep comming
As long as you want it to.

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