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2002-03-19 20:38:40 (UTC)

First entry

Well I have a livejournal where most of my friends are. Then
I decided to get a parajournal too so I can put random
thoughts down somewhere private. I made all my posts public,
but none of my friends had a parajournal. Sometimes I didn't
mind the rest of the world knowing, but I didn't want my
friends to know. Well most of my posts at parajournal were
silly, but some of them were about my friends. Well anyway
about a week and a half ago parajournal went offline. At
first I didn't mind, but then I missed having a place where
my friends weren't. I made this. I don't know how much I
will post here. With my parajournal some days I would post a
lot, but some of the time it would be a week before I posted
again. I hope that it isn't gone forever. I had the best
userpictures. I guess I could of gone over to deadjournal,
but I wanted something other than the livejournal code this
time. I know that I don't have userpictures here, but it
doesn't matter now. Maybe I will write more later.