Wanna Hear About my Day?
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2002-03-20 00:03:39 (UTC)

THe day goes on

Hey well i found more things i wanted ot write about .Today
i planted 6 strawberry plants just cause i flet like it .I
think it would be really cool to have strwberrys this
summer.The smallest things like that are so interesting to
me .I am really confused about my frinedship with lin z
cause we used to be reall close.We went to the mall every
friday.shes cried on my shoulder and we went over eachothers
houses.but lately we have only been together in school .I
really wanastart doing more things with my friends. this
weekend i wanna do something with genoa but evey time we
plan something something else come up.right now im supposed
to be working on my science project but i dont feel like it.
even though my friends and i arent in diffrent high schools
yet i feel like im drifting apart from them and i really
dont like it.i cant wait to go to gettysburg and hershey
park but i hope it dosnt split us up with like lin z and
jees and me and genoa.i dont think it will though.I hope
this strawberry plants things is the first project i wont
gie up.