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2002-03-19 23:54:00 (UTC)

Best Friends can be a Pain!

I've been best friends with this girl from 4th grade. We
did everything together, and we were un-seperable or so I
thought. We always did stuff together, and we always would
hang out all the time whether on the weekends, or after

Once high school started and different things were
happenin we got into a lot of fights! I mean we would
always fight like every week if not more. The odd thing is
that I was always the one being bitched at because I
suppose that I did something wrong. Although, when ever I
wanted to talk things out and ask her what I did wrong she
wouldn't tell me and just tel me that I knew what I did. I
mean come on isn't it common sense if I didn't know that I
would ask her ~ ? Yea so I soon grew sick of that! Then I
started just to ignore her because no matter what I did she
always got mad and of course I never would know what I did
that time because she would never tell me. So I hung out
with friends that weren't getting pissed off at me for no
damn reason. She soon got pissed but I didn't feel like I
should bother because everytime that we fight I'm the one
who always apologizes for something I didn't do wrong. Well
she asked me one day why we stopped hanging out and why I
was always hanging out with my best guy pal Tony, and I
told her well because he doesn't like you. I didn't say it
to her to be mean, because that was the truth ~ he didn't
like her ~ but she was getting cocky with me and I just
wanted her out of my face. So I told her and she didn't
believe me because she thinks that everyone likes her. So
when I told her that Tony didn't like her she got pissed
and asked why he hates me? I didn't know why, so I thought
that I would ask him, and then tell her. So I asked him and
I told her. Although, when I told her she didn't believe
me, and she got pissed at me and started saying that I made
up that stuff.

So she went up to him to ask him in person, and of course
knowing Tony he didn't know what to do. He's deathly afraid
of this girl, so when she just pops up in his face his
reactions is to say what ever will make her go away. So he
told her that he never said that stuff that I told him. So
then again I got bitched at, and I got pissed. Tony
apologized for having to tell my ex ~ best friend that lie,
but he said that he paniced, and I couldn't blame him she
is pretty scary looking.

Here are some other times to where she's really pissed me

When we were at the MapleWood Community Center and we were
with two other guys. One of which she really liked and had
a crush on for awhile, and the other one his friend. Well
we were chillin in the pool and all of a sudden I guess
that my BF (bestfriend) decided that it would be funny that
she would tell the boy that she liked all the embarrassing
secrets that I told her to him. When she was done they were
laughing at me of course and I was the spot light. I was so
pissed that I wanted to hit her. She had promised to never
tell those things that she told the boy she liked, but I
guess that trying to get a guy to like her meant more to
her then keeping her best friends secrets.

Another time when I had spent the weekend at her house and
we weren't really getting along I had left some clothes and
shoes of mine over there. I didn't borrow them to her and
in fact they were dirty too. Well I remember when I was
sitting next to her in lunch and she was wearing my
favorite shoes and my pants. Except the pants looked
different because she had cut them. They were boot leg and
I guess that she decided to cut them. I knew that they were
mine because they were from the gap and the had the little
stain by the ankle cuff. So what I confronted her and asked
if those were my pants she said "uh no my sister bought me
these", and of course I knew that was a lie because she
didn't look at me when she said it. I of course blew up
because she lied, and I said those are my pants aren't
they , and she said no my sis bought them and rolled her
eyes at me. I got pissed and said fine then give me my
shoes, and she said why? and I go cuz they are mine, and I
left them at your house, I didn't borrow them to you. She
looked down at my feet to see what shoes I was wearing
because I was gong to switch with her. She told he straight
up no, and I said umm excuse me those are my shoes. She
goes fuckin what ever and rolled her eyes. We swtiched
shoes and she left the table and I never saw her for the
rest of the school day.

So these are just a few things as to why my BF of 8 years
was a pain or bitch in my terms

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