Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-03-19 23:36:11 (UTC)

OH NO!!!!

I feel so rotten! Sarah found out today that she didn't
get into Ga Tech... which is really weird, because our
transcripts are very comparable. (And now I'm just about
to have a panic attact, thinking that they're going to call
me and say "sorry hon, we made a mistake") We were all
totally sure that she'd get in, and now I'm worried that
Mel didn't get in either (I don't know if she knows yet,
cuz her grandmother died, so she's gone), and it would
really suck if i was the only one of us who got in. I
don't get it... we've taken almost the same classes, and
mine gpa is a little higher, but Sarah took harder maths,
and her SAT is 10 points higher. I know she has
extracurriculars and stuff... I don't get it. And it
really sucks. And I am a horrible person, because under
the suckiness, there's this little part of me that's
fluttering and saying "You finally did something better
than Sarah".