Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-03-19 23:17:08 (UTC)

And then God told me he hated me....

Yes, yes, yesterday, while I was on the phone with no one
else but Matt, God openned up the clouds and said, "Hey
look, it's Vicki, and she looks so happy, and full of hopes
and dreams... I think I will crush all of that, but I wont
kill her, because if I do, I won't be able to watch her
have a nervous break down, and possibly cry every night,
secretly... ha, ha, ha, (*places finger on hopes and dreams
and happiness and squishes it around for a bit*) look...
she has been crushed... but her spirit is still breathing,
I think I will try to smother it some more...(Places finger
on spirit once more and squishes it some more*) there...
all better, no more life in little Vicki's spirit." And
then he went back into his house beyond the clouds and
boasted to himself on how wonder it felt to crush me, but
hey, at least I am still living, thats great right?
Anyways, life goes on, even if God seems to have some kind
of personal vendeta against me, so I figure I will just let
everything ride, and lye my life in fates hands. Good luck
Fate, hope you dont screw it up as much as i have....