2002-03-19 22:48:28 (UTC)

No title

Nice clarification dude. For a second there I thought you
ment us paring up. Well anyway, life is weird.

I didn't tell people about you coming. I asked some people
in my classes what to do about having a visitor in the
school. They told me to ask my division teacher, and told
me some stuff. I asked her and she told me precicely the
same thing. I just have to know what date you wanna come.
YOU have to tell me. I'm not setting up any dates and later
on having it that your dad planned something, or something
like that. So you have to tell me what time you will be
available. Oh and by the way, I found something cool we can
do. April 2nd or something like that, Grease is gonna be
performed in school. Saturday and Sunday to be exact. A few
of my friends are in it, and it will kick ass. All of our
musicals are really cool. So dude you gotta come. Other
then that I really don't know what to say. Life is boring,
so come, Dude. I'm awaiting your arrival. Chow!