My So-Called Life
2002-03-19 21:35:44 (UTC)

Look Ahead and Go Left.

1 Craving the satisfaction of never being wrong.
2 Always wanting to impress everyone.
3 Toughs it out.
4 Makes every moment count.
5 Involved with religion.
6 Looks for attention - non-stop
7 Searches for adventure.
8 Non-stop impressionism.
9 "Cool-boy", "smart-guy".
10 "Cool-boy" wannabe.
11 Class quiet.
12 Has a clue about what's going on.
13 Artsy...religiony.
14 Refuses to talk about anything enjoyable.
15 Works, but slacks off.
16 A walking, talking fashion statement.
17 Compulsive liar.
18 Future wife-beater.
19 Thinks for herself.
20 Personality currently unknown.

What's that you can just look and look around
at people, and observe their conversations and actions for
long periods of time, and they never notice. You could
more than likely endulge yourself in a conversation and
become completely envolved with the situation if you wanted
to, and never really know what the hell they're talking
That is my conclusion.
And this was my Freshman Science class.