Jena's Rants
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2001-05-15 11:57:18 (UTC)

Wowey Zowey!!!

Well, here we are - another day in corporate america - I
can feel the self loathing rising up in me and giving a
wretched taste of bile in my mouth. Had a kick ass time
again last night, I believe that the philosophies that
suggest the wisdom of living each day as if it were your
last is absolute pure genious. What a good idea to just
treat each day as if you were going to die! Superb!!! My
good buddy Je..., uh as I have mentioned before I will not
disclose the names of my friends to the masses that would
rip them limb from limb for their lack of conformity,
so........ Henceforth this friend who had the unfortunate
experience of being fired by an old tired dickhead should
be referred to as King Herbage. Well, anyhow King Herbage
got fired over some stupid shit that honestly made no sense
whatsoever to basically make an example out of him, (don't
you just love that?). Anyhow, if all goes well he should
call my stepdad today, who shall henceforth be referred to
as Confusion Man, (not b/c he is my friend though - I
really am not sure of his name, my mom has had so many
lovers), and King Herbage should start working with
Confusion Man. So, now to me - went out with the wonderful
Hopinonefoot last night. Very cool!!!! I really dig this
guy, he is something else. How nice it is to spend time
with people who really share your ideals and goals -
smoking herbage, drinking, enjoying nature, and having good
times. I love my friends so very much, (okay Jena - enough
of the mushy stuff!). Anywho I should probably IM/email
J..., uh henceforth referred to as LSD Banker to see how
all is going with his soon to be short lived fling with a
psycho wanna be raver girl, ohh.....that should be her
name. Hopefully we won't have to refer to her much longer
though. Toodles!