2002-03-19 21:20:34 (UTC)

the day after

well, he's gone. it was a tearful farewell. nothing has
been clarified. nothing has changed. and, the man wants
to have his cake and eat it, too! and, that isn't what's
about to happen. it isn't right! he can't do this to me!
it's either we're in or we're not. and, no questions
asked. did i mention that i found out about a party he was
invited to? the party giver said that it was a glamourous
afaire and he replied that he loved glamourous women!
fucker! and, he's sitting there telling me that he loves
me. what an asshole! he knew perfectly well, that once he
went over, he'd no longer be in my life and could do
whatever he wanted. and, that's exactly what he's doing.
well, have i got something to tell him! it isn't that
way! and, it's over between the two of us, as of right
now. i'm a fucken single, gorgeous chickie and i'm out
for the world to see!

i'm much to mad to talk to him today.