ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-03-19 20:54:29 (UTC)


ah not much to say,not much to feel,not much to do

well im pissed...Hardy told steve at work last night that i
have his stuff and steve just goes "yeah thats one fucked
up situation" ..what does that mean..i wish he would of
said "yes im goin to pick it up tonight" because damnit i
want to get him the fuck out of my life...unless it when my
friendz beat the shit out of him of course...i'll be there
to watch...
well skool was the usual.....same fucknig thing..different
day...i forgot so much stuff today tho..i forgot the money
for the Krispy Kreme donuts i oredered from scooter..i
forgot my digi cam to get DJs skate accident wounds on film
and i forgot to make my friend a cd....im such a tard
lol god me and Blyth are evil....he told this hoe Stacia
that we're dating so she'd leave him alone and its
completely crushing her..but oh well shes a hoodrat she'll
try and jump on sumone else's dick soon enough..but now
people are gonna think we're together..haha isnt that
splendid? how funny...at least people wont think im a
complete dyke anymore...ha they can piss off anyways

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