Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-03-19 20:52:33 (UTC)

move on!

Breathing might be nice. As a matter of fact, I think it
would be rather preferable. But, alas, some things are not
to be. Oh cruel (pronounced, of course, Croo-ell) pollen,
hast thou not tormented me enough? Bah.

Talking to Sarah earlier, and, of course, she likes Brant
again. I don't know which one of them I feel sorrier for,
but at this point, Sarah's wearing my patience a little
thin. She's always complaining about her family, and how
she wants her mother to die, and its like 'You don't think
the rest of us have problems at home, with our parents,
fights, whatever?', because she really doesn't seem to
realize that her family isn't that bad. And this whole
Brant thing is just stretching on way too long. She gets
insecure, decides she wants him back, and messes with his
feelings until he agrees to get back together with her, and
then she gets bored and dumps him, has a fling, and comes
back. She just broke up with whats-his-face, and now she's
decided that she's probably in love with Brant. And I feel
bad for her and all, cuz I know that she's really confused
and upset and all, but there's spme point at which you have
to start taking responsibility for yourself and your
actions and even your feelings. And she hasn't gotten
there yet.

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