Damsel in Distress

2002-03-19 20:50:10 (UTC)


i was almost raped...rather not go into details about
it...anyway, the guy i was sorta i guess you can call it
seeing him...he sorta went off at me about it...i said
no...it wasnt my fault...he thinks it was. whatever he is a
dick here is a poem i wrote about him


time after time
people like you bring me down
weak-minded and head-cased
jumps to conclusions without thinking
sees faults in others to push them away
has no guts to follow true dreams
you try to make me your version of perfect
things have to be your way
in your eyes, im a puppet
you've tried it in the past
i will not fall into your evil grasp
i am not like any others
you are a head-case
all that i didnt want
you tried to feed me
i am much stronger than you
you'll be lucky if i let you
crumble at my knees
i dont want you
i dont need you
the doors are shut
and you are out!

(dedicated to X 03/19/02)
-damsel in distress