Wanna Hear About my Day?
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2002-03-19 20:35:35 (UTC)


Katie .Im a thirteen year old girl attending cheap ass
woodhome middle.My other friends jess and genoa are keeping
diarys here so we can keep in touch when we go to
highschool.genoas diary is chick 088-godess form below.Jes'
is girlie-preciuos moments.My other friend lin z is doing
one too hers is linzlu-look at me look at me. So about me.My
mom married this guy bob a cuople months ago he alright but
i used ot hate him with a passion.He has a daughter magen
who does drugs and drinks and has be to juve a couple
times.magen recently went to boot camp and started going out
with her drill insturtor so he got fired .they were going to
get married but ed broke up with her.Magen is 17 and Ed was
32.I have 3 brothers chris 17 ricky18 Chris is really cool to
hang out with.Ricky i dont know too well but he seems
alright except he gets angry alot.Daniel is really smart but
kids are really mean to him.e has a anger problem too.My mom
is a alcholic who just went to rehab for three days.THat
really helped.SHe buys my brothers cigaretes and smokes weed
with them.I love my mom though. My om thinks im a devil
worshiper and a druggie.When i was little she kid nappped me
and said my dad sexually abused me but he didnt and know im
living with him.My dad is really cool and easygoing .He
smokes weed too .Hes a great cook and a reat dad.I feel
sorry for him though cause hes sigle guy raising a
daughter.My parents never got married.I dont think they ever
even dated. SO about my friends jess- shes like the mother
hen. when i feel like doing something bad i got her voice in
the back of my head.she really cool to cry too and has many
tallents neither of us have everr had boyfrineds
genoa-i love this girl to death. she is cool to hang out
with and really easy to get alog with. i tihkn i most
closely relate ot her in emotions although we are
opposite.she having some problems with her mom .i think her
mom is a whack job but who isnt her mom really hates me.
linz-linz is crazybut really fun to be around when your in a
bad mood she can get you in a good one but when shes in a
bad mood i try to stay away im scared shell like bite my
face off but i love her.poor thing was a daddys gilr and he
died . i dont know much about him though. well tohse are my
closest friends i have typed alot and ill tell you about the