Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-05-15 10:13:49 (UTC)

Ok this will make no since ..

Ok this will make no since
Today girly came by my work and brought her nabior girl
Id met her before twice but oh my god Ive never met anyone
with that much personality at 10 years old ever I was in
stiches for like 2 hours straigt I really cant explain
there no way this paper could do this little one justice
I was serious;ly in total amazment I seriously havent
laughed that hard since I left my boys,and this girl not
the little one but girly is pretty rad not what Im looking
for at all but way rad
Like she was waering the same shirt to days in a row shes
way white trash no disrespect to any white trashers out
there I used to dwell in the parks and trenches but her
shes like way charming in a whitetrash sorta way or shes
just so down for it you gotta respct it, gotta respect it.
Its just like thats her and shes so comfortable with it
so in her element Its so her life,I really cant explain.
with love

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