Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-05-15 09:57:04 (UTC)

bear share

So Im a total music fanatic out of hand but its
somthing that gives me reflections of other peoples views
and momories come from the past as the tunes change in the
This is about bear share check it out if your not using it
your missing huge TRUST IN THAT, Im hooked with Imesh and
napster and there shits weak, The only down part compared
to napster is you play your shit on a real player and even
though the real player is a hot item its not the quality
you get from the napster player so I gotta transfer all my
bear share shit to napster to get the quality
But even with that said as a for warning PLEASE do
yourself the favor and hook up with bear share only took
five mins for download and set up and I was downloading
shit I couldnt seem to hit anywhere.
OK next thought If you do play with the mp3 trade game
please take the time to down load any obscure or hard to
find shit that you have in your CD collection so its out in
the mix Its the ritghious thing to do a good deed for the