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2002-03-19 19:13:30 (UTC)

I Wish...

"I wish... I wish to go to the festival..."

Wait! I got to go to the festival!

Last Friday I went with my high school drama group to a
theater festival at Fullerton City College. It was
incredible! 2000 kids who are just like us! ‘Twas almost
scary. I didn’t perform, because my drama teacher had
already filled the spots before I asked him, but he allowed
me to attend as a monitor. My job was simply to sit in
front of a door and prevent people from entering a room
when a performance was in progress. It was quiet easy
actually, and I probably would have grown bored of the task
if it weren’t for the fact that I was randomly placed in
the theater that had part of the musical theater
competition commencing within it. Now, I love all forms of
theater, but I have to say my favorite is musical theater
by far. I think it’s so much more challenging because you
have to sing and dance and still keep your character
through all of it. I saw 10-minute segments of many of my
favorite musicals, Les Miserables (they won…Yeah!), Rent
(they weren’t all that great, but I enjoyed singing along
with them), The Kiss of the Spider Woman (good singing, but
better dancing), Seusical, and a bunch of others. It was a
lot of fun. After the festival, a group of us from Whittier
went to see La Serna’s performance of The Wiz at the
community center. They were pretty good. Amanda was awesome
as Dorothy, Jay made a great Wiz, Kyle was a funny Wicked
Witch of the West, and that girl Jenn, despite what Miss
Harlan says, is a great dancer and choreographer, but she
should have done stuff that was easier for the other kids
to do. It was fun to watch.

Saturday morning we went back to Fullerton. People seemed a
little more tense and serious about competition the second
day. But we still had fun. Rather then doing my monitor
duty, I hung out with my buds and went to watch people’s
scenes. I saw Les Miserables perform again and a group that
did Rocky Horror Picture Show and butchered it. Jen and I
were cringing. The only person from our school to make it
to finals was Mark. I was so proud of him! He really
deserved it. I watched the musical theater finals (surprise
surprise) and had my fingers crossed the whole time Les Mis
was performing. They did really well, but not as well as
they did the first time. By the end of the afternoon I was
so tired, I couldn’t even think. Lindsey and Cristal and I
wrapped up in a blanket and walked over to the grass area
where awards were being presented. Frank ran up to us and
knocked us over and sat on us. He started tickling us and
we couldn’t get up because he was on top of us and the
blanket was tied around us. It was crazy. Mark didn’t
place, but he’s still first in my book. After awards we
walked over to Angelo and Vinci’s and tried to get a table
for 30, needless to say, we didn’t end up eating there. The
group went over to McDonald’s, but me and a few other
stubborn people got take out and took it over and ate with
everyone else. Then we went back to the school and saw an
incredible performance of The Who’s “Tommy.” The dancers
had so much energy! I hope Gary does Pirates the same way,
but it’ll probably be harder.

We’re going to Knott’s in an hour with Honor Choir. It’s
gonna be fun! I’m a little nervous but I think we’ll do

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