I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-03-19 18:46:06 (UTC)

Painting-Day 2

Another early morning. I crashed last night, I was just
exausted. Got a nice middle of the night phone call though.
Made me smile. The ceiling is done, and most of the walls
are done. My mom is doing the walls and the closet. I'm
priming the baseboards and the outlet covers and then
painting them. I accidentally poured the wrong color into
the wrong bucket. I tried to get it out, and I think I got
most of it, but it's a specially mixed color and I just
hope that I haven't fucked it up too badly. It's nice
today. A bit cooler than yesterday.

My neighbor showed up at my door this morning in tears. Her
dog got out. Give her a break, she's 13. 8th grade. Her
parents were working and she was home alone. She was so
upset. Poor baby. So, we went on a hunt for her dog. She
had called her mom though and when we walked down the
street to her house, her mom drove up. The dog was
eventually found. All is well.

Just finished lunch. Turkey sandwich. Don't like ham at
all. No thank you very much. Bleh. I had a sad night before
I went to bed, but that's because I was just exausted and
sick. Nothing serious. Anyways, the point to it is that I
was talking to a friend, and the comment was made that I
have very good friends but rarely utilize them. It was a
good point. I'm there for everyone else, but I don't like
to put my problems on someone else. It took me almost two
months to tell Nikki what was on my mind. I feel like I'm
bothering people. I can't help it. I don't know why. Odd.

I would like a nap, but I don't see my mom being too keen
on that idea. It's spring break, come on!! Hmmmm.....Maybe
Starbucks is hiring. I like coffee.