Queen Bee

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2002-03-19 17:54:01 (UTC)


yeah, okay, im sick. i have this really bad cold so i
feel like complete shit. yesterday ex, justin, his bro and
red all came over. we didnt hang out for that long. but
justin totally denies everything him and red did except the
kissing but everything else he said was a lie. i decided im
not gonna believe either of them cuz there both my friends
and i am not gonna get in the middle of this. but yesterday
red was talking about one of my ex's ex-g/f and for some
reason it bothered me, i really dont want to know about
what he did with his other g/f so red if your reading, i
would appreciate it if you didnt talk about them. he doesnt
talk bout his ex-g/f's to me so youi shouldnt. but
yesterday justin told my mom what happened about red
accusing him of feeling her up (ewww) and when red asked my
bro for a ride home, my mom said take your sister with (me)
and red jsut frikkin lost it, she just started crying so
hard that she couldnt speak, but my mom said that form all
the stories she heard about red that she doesnt want my
brother alone with her. but still you cant believe
everything you hear. but whatever not gettin int he middle
of this either. i cant change my fams mind about red and
she cant change the fact that she is yes odd and can be
annoying sometimes but everyone can but she really is a
nice person, people just dont know her like i do. whens she
not running around my house laughing like a loon, shes
actually pretty cool to hang around because she cares about
people, unlike my cold heartless family. i have to go. i
love you all.

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