a little piece of me
2002-03-19 17:41:02 (UTC)

more of my boringness

we went bird watching today in orn lab. hehe, my prof is
nuts. he got so excited over a crow carrying a stick. he
was practically jumping up and down. lol, he's too funny.
it was freezing, but really cool. i had lots of fun
running around with the binoculars checkin stuff out.

finally got my designs done for my tile. they're all
fairly shitty, except one. it's really detailed. that's
the one i had in mind all along, just threw a few more
together to make it look like i had actually done some
work. i'm not sure if we're only making slabs today, or
actually starting and finishing the tiles. i hope just
slabs. mine is going to take some extra time, so i we do
slabs today, i can let mine dry over night and get a head
start on my tile tomorrow. i also have to go work on my
ring. i think i'll stay after design today and go to the
shop since it's just down the hall. got plenty of
batteries and cd's, so i'll probably be there for quite a
while. i need to get as much done now as i can. i have to
go home again for another doc appointment this weekend, so
i won't have that time to do it. maybe if i get enough
done before i go home, i can take my pieces and show
matthew. he wants some finger armor, but he has such big
fingers he can't find any that fit. i'm going to custom
make him some outside of class. once i get this one down,
it shouldn't be any trouble at all to do more. i always
learn a lot after doing something like this. the second
will go much more smoothly.

well, it's almost time for design, so i'm heading on out.
gotta call heather again tonight. not sure what time i'll
be home though (so tab or heather, i'll check my email as
soon as i get home to see what time is good. i probably
won't be back until 5 or 6ish. sorry). anyway, gotta
run. tschuss!