Procrastination is Key
2002-03-19 14:00:47 (UTC)

and the fun is over...

its time to get back to school:-/ Break was great, I did
NOTHING- well i did things like hang out with Michael and
even play golf:-) but it was a completely stress free week!
Except for maybe the day and a half before I came back
here, I was already dreading it. While I was home I turned
in an application to work at the Gap at the Carolina Mall
in Concord- that would be fun! plus I could definitely use
some discounts on clothes- my bank account has dipped below
the $100 mark:-(
Yesterday I found out that I got an 87 on my ecology test-
so yay! An 88 was considered an A so I was almost there
dang it! Ecology is a 4 hour class- so if I can make at
least a B in there then maybe the dismal grades I get in
chem 41 and chem 51 won't hurt me too bad (luckily those
are only 2 hrs a piece). Registration for fall semester is
going to be here very soon so I guess I need to start
working on that- I hate the stress of that morning when I
can't get into student central and I am panicing about
getting into classes! Oh well...
Going to work out today after class- this is a necessity
considering I was given a box of Samoas!!! oh YUM :-p

on another note- I wonder if amber is going to any of her
classes today... it doesnt seem as though she is, but I am
not in the loop so maybe she doesn't have some of them- hmm

its about time for me to leave for class!