Dusty Warhol

Where Do I Go???
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2001-05-15 07:05:58 (UTC)

05/15/01 2:13 am

ok...so here is my first entry. i am not going to make this
into a typical first entry where i tell everyone my whole
life story. i want people to learn about me, not just read
the first entry and figure out who i am.

i feel so shitty right now, not in some sort of psychotic,
i wanna kill myself sort of way, but in an i just feel
useless sort of way. i have no job. no rent. no love life.
no money. the list goes on. it just kinda sucks, not that u
am complaining about all the time i have off, but right now
i feel like going home. i just want to pack up and go live
in my bedroom at home where i can sit around and do nothing
but watch tv all day.

my love life right now kinda really sucks. i just got rid
of an asshole whore guy, who i really have no patience for.
not that i hate him or anything, but i don't understand why
i liked him to begin with. he is a bit of a loser! beside i
have moved onto a new guy. he seems really sweet, he likes
the same music that i like, he is cute, but the only thing
is...well I kinda met him over the internet which i really
think is uncool. not that i have a problem with others
doing that, i just find that the longer you talk to someone
over the internet, the more uncomfortable you are when you
actually talk to them in person. this guy matt, i actually
think is really cool, but well 1) he doesn't want to meet
which makes me think that he isn't what he is saying he is
and 2) wants to talk on the phone but hasn't called which
makes me think that he is not interested. whatever the
reason may be, i am trying not to care. i don't want to get
attached to some guy I met over the internet.

my roomate got into a fight with her girlfriend earlier
tonight which puts me in a really bad position because i
really don't know what to say. i can't live in a house
where this is going on. i went through it in high school
with my own parents until the finally got divorced and i
don't want to go through it again, especially when I don't
have to.

tomorrow night i am going to the tap with jocelyn which
should be fun. i think i may buy a case of revs just cause
i want to let loose and really forget about everything for
awhile. rent is due tomorrow. luckily i am lying to my dad
about having a job, but i can only do it for so much longer.

tomorrow is tuesday (or rather today is i guess) and lots
of good CD's are being released.

check out
Weezer - The Green Album
REM - Reveal
Missy Elliot - Miss E
The Webb Brothers - Maroon

i am finished here