Meshed Up
2002-03-19 12:21:25 (UTC)

pick up lines

got this from jules: "Procrastination and
masturbation both feel good... until you realize that
you're fucking yourself."

i'm doing just that. not masturbating but procrastinating!
i'm feeling too lazy to continue my essay for media. exams
are coming up and i am a bit nervous about them.

no inspiration to write just yet...perhaps i'm thinking too
much about exams and essays.. perhaps i'm also thinking too
much about nelson and what his friends think of me. perhaps
i'm thinking about bernice and her pretty face.

i'm not a lesbian all right?!

argh.. i am still a bit pissed off because of how the way
the world is. people are just after money money money.
they're not after helping other people, but they're only
after the person's money. i don't really feel like
expounding on that for now. i'm too tired.

anyway... don't wanna go into another fit. on the lighter
side of life, let us put down some pick-up lines that a
friend of mine so enthusiastically shared with me:

1) M: the more i drink, the prettier you get.

2) M: i think you owe me a drink.
F: why?
M: because i dropped mine when i saw you.

3) M: you're ugly, but you intrigue me.

4) M: when God made you, He was showing off.

5) M: i don't know what to say to you to convince you to
have intercourse with me.

6) M: i used to be a fag but you changed me.

7) M: i've got a pimple up my ass. wanna see it?

8) from american pie 2
M: nice top! wanna fuck?

9) M: are you wearing space pants?
F: no. why?
M: cuz your ass is out of this world.

err...stupid aren't they? so guys, take a hint and STOP
USING PICK UP LINES! wow us with your intelligence and not
with your 'smoothness' please. it's repulsive.

good night to everyone. i shall go to sleep for now. fly
away peter fly away paul.