~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
2001-05-15 06:23:27 (UTC)

5/15/01 2:19am

That old familiar numbness... Can't say exactly what I am
feeling at the moment... Nothing I suppose... numbness...
Could be... but I also have this odd happiness & excitement
still lingering in me from the concert... and of course
that all too familiar state of sadness... And I really miss
Ben right now... Haven't talked to him in 2 days :( . I
hope I can see him on Wednesday like I usually do. Man... I
just wish that days like the other day at the Edgefest came
more often... Days where everything just melts away & all
that matters is what is going on right in front of you.
That's true beauty if ever I saw it. Ah, well, I suppose I
should go to bed shortly... I'm just so restless... as
always I suppose.
-InFeCtEd NaTiOn-WiDe... ThE SiCkNeSs!-
: :Rachel: :