Meat Loafs
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2002-03-19 08:15:07 (UTC)

For me Swee'pea...

Everybody needs to have somebodys
Even if it's only me
So stops yer cryin' Swee'pea
An' trys to go to sleeps
I don't knows how you got here
I don't knows if you cares
You coulda comes from Heavens
Or a typhoon anywhere
Oh me I came from Heaven
Of Cuddly Na-La Lagoon
And I was told me mammy
Gave me up in a typhoon
So don't you cry, little Swee'pea
You and me, we's both the same
And the biggest tear I ever seen
Was in the eye of a hurricane
Go to sleep, sleep sleepy
I'll tell you what you sees
And someday when you's older
I'll tell yous all about me

(Gleefully stolen from the movie POPEYE. I just like to
sing it to my son.)