ramblings of a madwoman
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2002-03-19 08:06:01 (UTC)

horrifically tired at midnight. could be monday or tuesday.

Ah what a crazy life to live.
Today I reached the epitome of cool when I sent Wil Wheaton
(who played Wesley Crusher on star trek:tng) an email just
because. I was so in love with him when I was seven.
Anybody who used to watch the show (and those who were
little girls in love with wesley...) check out his site,
he's got a good sense of humor.

Hmm... my birthday has come and gone and for the most part
was good. However, I lost two friends due to their
immaturity and my failure to ever truly see what is going
on. And that sucked mega ass.
The party, however, was grand and good fun.

I've been talking to my teachers and it looks like I'm
doing really well in school this semseter. As of this
moment, I'm getting 97 in CaPP, 67 in Math Apps, 94 in
English and 96 in Creative Writing.

I spent 60 dollars on a Type O Negative hoodie. No, I'm not
ashamed. I intend to be married or buried in this
garment. :)

So blaaaaaaahhh Spring Break. YEAAAH. well, when are we
gonna get rowdy?

song: Jimmy Eat World-- Middle