No time for love Dr. Jones
2002-03-19 06:55:59 (UTC)

I'm sorry, did i break your concentration?

now, this is a strange one, on saturday night (my brother's
computer was being fixed or else i would've written sooner)
i was out 'partying' (i use the term loosley it was a
shocker of a night) with a friend of the family's, when who
should call out of the blue? (actually she said she would
call) but carolyn. "oh hi, i realise you're out having fun
so we can talk later but i thought i'd better tel you
before you hear from anyone else, i have a new boyfriend".
now i'm not too sure about this, whether it be bragging or
whether it be she knows how pissed i got after the whole
dan thing. but that's besides the point, i did get a bit
pissed this tme, and ever since i haven't been able to get
her out of my head. what d'ya reckon? jealous? just pissed
off? what? i'm fugged if i know this time, alls i know is
that it's in my head and it ain't on it's way out anytime

i haven't spoken to her about it yet (i was supposed to
call her back sunday night, but the excuse that my phone is
busted seems to be doing a fiar job of quelling my
conscience) but i'm willing to put money on the chance that
when i do, all these things i've thought about saying to
her will be thrown into the trash recepticle. i think she's
online now actually, maybe i'll see if she feels like
typing a whiles. peace out