Jules Beale

Musings of a Twisted Mind
2002-03-19 06:16:32 (UTC)

Epiphany & Confusion

Yup... I've had an epiphany. Wow, gotta love those sudden
realizations. I realized that becoming a writing professor
would be a one of the best professions for me. I don't have
a high enough GPA to go to med school, so being a writing
professor would be awesome.

Oh, and yes, I'm very confused. I'm having religious
problems. I just don't believe in the bible anymore...
there are too many contradictions in it. I don't know what
to believe anymore. Oh well... maybe I'll have another

Lastly, I have writers block... a death to any novel!! I
was in the process of writing one and I can't get any
further. Sigh... hoping that this will break soon. Well
thats it. ^_^