a rop through my mind....
2002-03-19 05:53:31 (UTC)

bwahaha :)

ok, so i forgot the giggle fests that i have when i'm here....carol and katy, thanks :):)

went to bonanza for dinner with katy jane and carol, it was fun, we laughed a lot and caught up on
stuff, it was good, and the food was ok, though the rolls were yummy :) then we went to katy's house
and terry was there :) we watched simpsons and giggled some more :) then we came back here and
looked at funny stuff on the web and giggled some more :) yay!

yeah, it's good to be home, but going back will be good too, cuz in all actuality, i have two homes, Troy
NY and Bristol it's like i always end up missing somebody no matter where i am. you get
used to missing people, it's just how it can't be with everybody all the time, which is a good
thing cuz we'd all get sick of eachother...... is funny, but it's fun if you take time to enjoy the simple things :)

*sigh* home is a good place to be sometimes, so is school, each place has their benifits and different
kinds of stresses, but it's all good for the most part

yeah, these days i'm a relativly happy camper (compaired to past times), things are going well in my
life :)

well take care all