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2002-03-19 05:24:48 (UTC)


A funny thing happened on the way to the service desk...

I was getting my returns at the service desk this
evening when I saw T in Pets and K the Cashier trying to
appease two skanky people by the ATM. I was loading my
buggy with shoes when S who works at the service desk (but
was on break at the snack bar) beckoned to me. She said
through her laughter that the woman had put her ATM card
into the stamp machine (wtf?!)-in the dollar loading slot
of all places-and couldn't figure out why she wasn't
getting any money. Finally, before S went to break, she'd
told them that they were dealing with a stamp dispenser,
not a money machine. She showed them the ATM before going
to the bank, and the idiot woman stuck her card into the
receipt slot. It became stuck tight and wouldn't come
out. K and T were there and had to try and help them, and
they were about to burst out laughing whilst S was
chuckling from the snack bar. This was where I came in. I
just stood there by S while we made fun of them (from a
careful distance, of course, heh). People are so
incredibly stupid. And that's my amusing anecdote. I know
I don't make it seem too funny. It was just one of
those "you had to be there" kind of scenes.

In other news, L and I have "made up" I suppose one
could say. My feelings are still stinging, however.

Steph's last day is Thursday. I'm going to miss her.

Until next time I remain boringly


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"No! It's Han--Han Jabba!"
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