Thoughts to Share
2002-03-19 05:05:08 (UTC)

today's journal entry is brought to you by the letter S....as in stress and stalkage

Stress...hectic...yep, that about describes my life for the
next week or so. Lots to do, not much time to do it in.
Gonna be going 24-7 until I crash.

Spotted: 3-ish Carrie Rich Memorial Library time...an
admirer. Oh yeah... ;-)

Serious stalkage by Ash today. Thanks...hehe.

I'm so very proud of my brother, I never give up an
opportunity to tell him that...or tell others. :-) But I'm
happy to know that other people realize his talents as
well. It makes me happy that he uses the gifts he has been
given to glorify and praise the Lord. :-)
He's decided to go to WCU for certain pretty much. And
I'm happy b/c I think that is what is going to make him
happy. But even if things get rough. I'll be here for him
all the way just as he has been for me.

I know that you like to do things in a different way, but I
can't get by on just that. Let me have my insurance, and
I'll let you have your bare minimum. Maybe one day it will
work out in the end. Or maybe I'll see that all my work
was for nothing, but I just can't believe that right now.
I'm sorry, but not yet...I refuse to give up yet, despite
your constant reminders of my failures, or near-misses.

"Be careful how you unfold your wings for there are some in
the world who are not content unless their teeth are full
of feathers..."
~Kathleen Norris, Excerpts from the Angel Handbook