Beanie Babys Life
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2002-03-19 04:28:11 (UTC)

My Grandma

I don't remember much about her. All I remember is her
being there for me when mum was in a shitty mood. I
remember we would sit on the bed that used to be in this
room, and I'd try to teach her english. I remember in the
morning waking up running to my mums bed, and my mum
telling me to wake up grandma so she can make coffee. Ran
to my grandma and to my mum, back and forth until one of em
got up and made coffee.

I remember going to church with my grandma, every chance I
got, which was almost 2 times a week. I remember her room,
exactly what it looked like, before we changed it. The
smell of her, How much I miss her.

Some times I hate God so bad for taking her away from me.
As he was set out to make my life shit. I remember going
into the garden with her, helping her out there. It was
fun, I remember our dance we used to do. The late night
stories she told my sister and I. Sitting next to her on
her bed. Sitting on her and falling asleep at the tv.

I remember seeing her at the hospital, waiting for her to
come out. Waiting and waiting, no one told me what was
going on. Then the day finally came that we were going to
take her home, we didn't get to, she was too ill. A couple
days later, she fell into a coma.

The thing that made me cry so bad was, she knew she was
going to die, every one knew but me.That day we were going
to bring her home, she looked at me and she said, I am
going to die, and I looked at her and started crying and
said, no your not. When she was going to die and I knew it
that day.

The day she fell into a coma, we all went to see her. The
pain I felt as I entered the room and saw her looking at
me. The pain I felt oh god, why? I wondered to myself. That
night when I came home, I couldn't stop myself from crying,
and I wouldn't talk to any one either, I turned on the
radio and the song "All my life" by Kci and JoJo was on.
How much I cried to that song, you could never believe.

That night I prayed to God, I remeber saying, please don't
take her now. She was an amazing woman, a good wife,
friend, sister, daughter, person. To me she was an angel. I
don't think she deserved to die, but I guess it was her

How much I wish I was with her right now, and I can not
wait till the day that I am in her arms again, All I pray
and want is to be with her again more than any thing in
this world. She was like a mother to me, cleaned after me,
was always there for me. I will never forget her, at times
it feels as though she is still alive, but she's not, in my
heart she will always be.

Rest In Peace Grandma. I love you.....

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